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Court Testimony

Court Testimony

US Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada

July 7, 2015 Case# NV-14-102022

Wilmington Trust vs. Edward Webb

June 14, 2016, Case# A-14-700347-C

US Bank National Association vs. George Edwards

October 3, 2017 Case#A-12-667690-C

Entrust Group vs. Wells Fargo Bank

January 10, 2018, Case# NV-15-667765-CV

Coles vs. Coles – Divorce

Medina County Court, OH, December 18, 2018

Kolakowski vs. Kolakowski – Divorce

Regional Justice Center, NV, January 25, 2019

American West Real Estate, LLC – Bankruptcy

Foley Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, NV, March 14, 2019

Jensen vs. Jensen

Clark County District Court Family Division, January 14, 2020

Sun vs. Xue

Superior Court of California, County of Ventura, January 9, 2020

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