Expert Witness Testimony

Eagle Home Appraisal has appraisers licensed to provide expert witness testimony for appraisals completed in the Washington State. We can provide retrospective or current market value, which is needed for expert valuation in a court hearing or deposition.

Fees and Retainer:

✔️ Retainer: Starting at $1,000 for the initial scope of work and designation as an expert witness in Washington State.

✔️ Court or Deposition Appearance Fee: Starting at $1,500

✔️ Court prep, research, meetings, consulting, wait time: $150/hr

✔️ Actual testimony time in court or during deposition: $300/hr

✔️ Each additional report with separate effective dates or different subject addresses will be billed separately, depending on the assignment and scope of work.

There is a 2-hour minimum for depositions and for court time, which must be paid in advance of any deposition or court appearance. Any additional inspections, consultations, analysis, research, preparation for testimony, or reports necessary will be billed at that time.

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